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Medicare Rebates

Core Connections Counselling Service offers Medicare rebates.

Medicare Rebates: a Medicare Allied Health Initiative

Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative: A Medicare rebate of $75 - $85 is available when referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan, or a Psychiatrist assessment and management plan, with an assessed mental disorder. You are entitled to10 sessions per calendar year. After the first six sessions there will be a review by the referring practitioner. If deemed suitable, a further four sessions will follow.

The term mental disorder is used to describe clinically diagnosable conditions that are considerably impacting a person’s social, cognitive or emotional abilities. Such disorders include: 

Generalised anxiety disorder • Depression • Mixed anxiety and depression •  psychotic disorders • Acute psychotic disorders • Schizophrenia • Bipolar disorder • Phobic disorders •  Adjustment disorder • unexplained somatic complaints • Sexual disorders • Conduct disorder • Bereavement disorders • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Eating disorders • Panic disorder • Alcohol use disorders • Drug use disorders • Disassociate (conversion) disorder • Neurasthenia • Sleep problems • Hyper kinetic attention deficit disorder (ADHD) • Enuresis (non-organic) • Obsessive Compulsive 

When referred to Core Connections by your GP under an "Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan", a Medicare rebate of $51.75 will be given.  This applies to those who have complex care needs and chronic conditions which are being managed by their GP. The initiative entitles you to five sessions per calendar year.