About US

Core Connections Counselling Services (CCCS) provides counselling to individuals, couples and families. Receiving counselling has many positive and well documented benefits. Relationships can be strengthened ~ cycles broken ~ wounds healed ~ issues resolved ~ tensions / anxieties relieved ~ improvement to ones mental and physical health ~ increase self-esteem and self-worth ~ decisions made and directions taken. 

When supported by a counsellor to explore your personal dilemmas / traumas in a non-biased space, pathways for clearer decisions are able to be created. 

CCCS is an approved medicare rebated service and provider of counselling & psychology services for - Carers Victoria, TAC & WorkCover and Converge International EAP (Employment Assistance Program).

Therapists' have varying backgrounds (psychology, clinical social work) specialising in areas that include: couple / relationship / family counselling, drug and/or substance abuse, youth, mental health, mediation, grief and loss, trauma, parenting, etc

Therapists' have a Masters (MA) in their chosen area of expertise, and have all been in the field for more than 20 years.

Our service is available to all individuals regardless of their: religious affiliations, sexual or gender preferences, cultural background, age, marital status, etc. Core Connections is extremely passionate and committed to enhancing that of our clients lives and the relationships they exist in.

Areas of assistance

Conflict resolution, communication, relationships, couples, marriage, difficulties step-parenting, gambling, loss and grief, coping and adjusting to change, reconciliation, drug & alcohol, parenting issues, co-parenting, work related concerns, addiction, separation, relaxation techniques, youth, trust issues, how to survive an affair, re partnering, mediation, mental health (depression, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders), pregnancies (PND, adjusting to becoming a parent, fears and concerns), etc






At Core Connections individuals come to us for a myriad of reasons. You may be feeling isolated and lonely, anxious, experiencing sexual difficulties, have poor self esteem and/or self worth, want to be more adaptable, assertive, have noticed you repeat the same mistakes again and again, grief and loss issues, desire to become more differentiated, want to stop being discontented, past / present traumas, or experiencing parenting / relationship difficulties, etc.

If you have a partner doesn't who doesn't want to come to counselling?

Individual Therapy not only benefits the individual but also the worlds of others in which he or she is a part of. If your partner doesn't want to attend counselling and you were to come by yourself, change would still transpire in the relationship. This occurs by discovering new ways of thinking / interacting and practicing them external to the sessions.

Our Aim

Core Connection counsellors are committed, experienced, and passionate in assisting you to feel: balanced, healthy, and equipped to face the issues your experiencing or have previously experienced.





There are many reasons why couples attend therapy at Core Connections.

It could be because a couple are: separated and thinking about reconciling ~ Deliberating about whether they should end the relationship ~ At the beginning of their relationship and have a few concerns they would like to raise before they become issues ~ Experiencing conflict and want to explore ways to deescalate the growing tensions prior to the situation spiralling out of control ~ Require mediation. Or they may want to: Learn about what triggers certain behaviours/emotions and find healthier ways of interacting ~ Heal old or recent wounds ~ Understand why their partner is having / or has had an affair ~ Reconnect ~ Stop their cycles and patterns ~ And many more.

Our Aim

Core Connections is here to assist you in your journey to reevaluate, rediscover, and reconnect.

A quote in Deborah Anna Luepnitz's (2002), 'Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy and Its Dilemmas', describes the perplex nature of relationships and the struggle couples face in trying to balance togetherness and separateness.

'A troop of porcupines is milling about on a cold winter's day. In order to keep from freezing, the animals move closer together. Just as they are close enough to huddle, however, they start to poke each other with their quills. In order to stop the pain, they spread out, lose the advantage of commingling, and begin to shiver. This sends them back in search of each other, and the cycle repeats as they struggle to find a comfortable distance between entanglement and freezing'.





Having a family generally means you no longer have only yourself and your own problems to think about.

We look at families interactional patterns of behaviours and ways of relating. Often these can be unconsciously acted out and maintained by a family.

Core Connections counsellors are trained to assist you in understanding, the complexities of interconnected familial relationships, and to nurture and promote change.

Family Therapy can be beneficial for:

Families who are experiencing issues and/or difficulties when: they have their first child (2nd, 3rd, & so on) ~ parenting young children, youths and adolescents ~ faced with loss and grief issues / trauma ~ step parenting ~ separating ~ divorcing ~ retiring ~ a family member has a mental health issue, physical disability, or is mentally challenged etc.

With the increasing demands and pressures of modern society, it provides little or no space for reflection and connection within relationships. Relationships are immersed in a climate that submits to constant social and political changes. With this change comes many new issues for families and couples to negotiate both morally and psychologically.

Our Aim

Core Connections counsellors hope by opening up discussions regarding external influences impeding upon families and couples, it will lead to greater intimacy and connectedness within their relationships.